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Odysseas Tosounidis Sculptor

Odysseas Tosounidis is a greek sculptor who comes from Georgia. His style moves towards abstraction even when he states an interest for the human form. Neat figures reveal a grown sensitivity for the specified, revoking great traditions, varying from the cycladic idols to the Brancusi sculpture, through the crafts in marble he has been taught in the famous school of marble sculpture of Tinos Island, Greece. In his more abstract works the complexes acquire the character of a great sculpture gesture in relation with the environment. The geometrical shapes in his art transcends from the physical dimension to the consolidated material, delivering through simplicity a disciplined architectonic and symbolic sense. These works are transformed into portals, a kind of mirror acting between nature and environment, wherever they are situated. The rhythmic communication as expressed with lines, volumes and shapes, the tendency of the release of the physical laws of gravity, with delicate forms that sometimes seems to tend to infinity, the potential energy with which the material is animated, reveal aesthetic pleasure areas, natural as well as unpredictable, which bring into play the spiritual forces of the viewer. And this is the most important element in the total work of Tosounidis: he shifts the viewer's experience of the spiritual level; With an-iconic forms he sports that he comfortably handles the field of sculpture, and with the support of the genuine inner contact with marble and the rhythmic shapes of the surfaces, he accomplishes to fulfill a personal idiomatic language, sensitive and at the same dynamic, both at a material and a spiritual level.


Thouli Misirloglou, Art Historian Main Curator Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art










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